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Wilson Staff Model Logo Golf Balls

Dozens Price Per Dozen
12-47  $    44.95
48-119  $    42.95
120-499  $    40.95
500+  $    39.95
About the Wilson Staff Model
Staff Model is a true Tour-caliber, 4-piece urethane golf ball that delivers unmatched precision, speed and consistency. Since uneven paint can adversely affect performance, Staff Model is painted using a finely controlled application process that ensures every urethane ball leaves the factory with a nearly flawless finish. This means you can trust that Staff Model will always go where you need it to go. This is pure precision.

Wilson Staff Duo Professional Logo Golf Balls

Buy 10 dozen, get 2 dozen FREE!
Offer valid through 7/1/2021.
Dozens Price Per Dozen
12-119  $    36.00
120-499  $    35.00
500+  $    34.00
About the Wilson Staff Duo Professional
The new Wilson Staff Duo Professional golf balls are the world’s softest-feeling urethane golf ball. With a Wilson compression rating of 60, the three-piece construction provides distance as long or longer than any three-piece urethane ball available. The urethane cover provides optimal greenside, spin, feel, and control with exceptional durability. A seamless 362 dimple pattern enhances distance and trajectory so you get the most out of every shot.

Wilson Staff Duo Soft+ Logo Golf Balls

Buy 10 dozen, get 2 dozen FREE!
Offer valid through 7/1/2021.
Dozens Price Per Dozen
12-47  $    24.50
48-499  $    24.00
500+  $    23.00
About the Wilson Staff Duo Soft+
Amplify your performance while playing the Wilson Staff Duo Soft+. Wilson’s softest and longest premium golf ball, the Duo Soft+ is engineered to deliver more distance, feel and consistency. New VelocitiCOR Technology is constructed of advanced materials to provide power behind every swing for greater consistency. Less side spin on stronger-lofted clubs helps you find the short grass with ease. Unprecedented 29 compression rating lengthens the time the ball spends on the club face for added spin. 302-dimple Ionomer cover promotes soft feel, increased distance and incredibly true ball flight.

Wilson Staff Duo Optix Logo Golf Balls

Buy 10 dozen, get 2 dozen FREE!
Offer valid through 7/1/2021.
Dozens Price Per Dozen
12-47  $    24.50
48-499  $    24.00
500+  $    23.00
About the Wilson Staff Duo Optix
Revised with a smaller core, Duo Optix now packs more distance than ever before with bolder, brighter matte colors you can’t miss. Semi-translucent high visibility cover makes it easy to track the ball in flight or locate it quickly in all types of ground cover. Soft, high resilience polybutadiene core provides exceptional feel and straighter flight off the tee. Matte finish minimizes sun glare off the ball at address.

Wilson Staff 50 Elite Logo Golf Balls

Buy 10 dozen, get 2 dozen FREE!
Offer valid through 7/1/2021.
Dozens Price Per Dozen
12-119  $    22.25
120-499  $    19.75
500+  $    18.75
About the Wilson Staff 50 Elite  
A super-soft core that pushes USGA limits for initial velocity. An equally soft cover that combines power with feel. The new Wilson Staff Fifty Elite brings balance to a golfer’s game by delivering synergies between rubber core chemistry and ionomer cover blend ratios to yield a soft, 50 compression golf ball with powerful acceleration.

Wilson Profile V Max (15-Ball Pack) Logo Golf Balls

Number of Boxes Price Per Box
24-47  $    20.95
48-119  $    18.95
120-499  $    18.00
500+  $    17.50
About the Wilson Profile V Max
Proprietary core material delivers superior launch velocity for greater distance on every shot. High spin cover provides workability in the fairway and improved spin performance around the green. Please note this ball comes in 15-ball boxes. Prices above are per box rather than per dozen.

Wilson Ultra 500 Logo Golf Balls

Dozens Price Per Dozen
24-47  $    18.95
48-119  $    17.95
120-499  $    17.00
500+  $    16.50
About the Wilson Ultra 500
The Ultra 500 golf balls provide long-lasting durability to beginners with improving swing speeds. The high energy core, paired with a unique dimple pattern, provides optimal flight trajectory and tour-like distance. The durable cover provides long-lasting playability through a range of conditions.

Wilson Chaos (24 Ball Pack) Logo Golf Balls

Dozens Price Per Pack
12-47  $    27.50
48-119  $    26.50
120-499  $    25.50
500+  $    24.00
About the Wilson Chaos
If you are looking for a new golf ball that offers you a confidence around the green, then look no further. The Wilson Chaos offers a calming feel around the green in addition to maximum power and distance off of the tee. 

Ordering Details

$50.00 per logo (one time charge)


12-119 dozen: $2.75 per dozen
120-499 dozen: $2.25 per dozen
500+ dozen: $2.00 per dozen

12 dozen

IMPRINT AREA: 3/4″ or 7/8″. Please specify when ordering.
(Note: 3/4″ is the only available imprint size on rush orders.)
COLORS: 5 color maximum. Please specify your logo’s PMS (Pantone) colors, if available. For info about PMS colors, please CLICK HERE.

IMPRINT AREA: 1/16″ is standard.
1/8″ used if 8 characters or less.
Maximum of 3 lines of 17 chars. and spaces.
Colors: Blue, Black, Red & Green.

$2.50 per dozen for standard shipping via UPS Ground
(Expedited shipping is available by request)

$6.00 per dozen

1. For new orders: once your order is placed your logo or personalization text is sent to our art department to be converted into the format used by the printing machines. A digital proof will be sent to you via e-mail in about 5 business days for your approval or modification requests.

2. Once you have approved the proof, or if your order is a reorder, your balls will be printed and shipped within 5-7 business days.

3. The balls will arrive at your door, usually within one week.

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